Monday, February 13, 2012

Komen and the Daily: Too many lies to count!

It's time for a lesson in Lying 101

Introducing...Planned Parenthood's 3 Steps to Getting YOU to Believe an Outrageous Lie:

1. Keep it short.
2. Keep it simple.
3. Keep repeating it.

For example:

Only 3 percent of our services are abortions.
Only 3 percent.
3 percent
3 percent!
Got that? Only 3 percent are abortions.

There. You believe us now? Good.

Case in point, today's Michigan Daily Op-ed. Here's our emphasis and [comments].
Last week, amid public outcry [and rejoicing!], the breast cancer foundation, Susan G. Komen for the Cure reversed its decision to cut funding for Planned Parenthood. The foundation’s initial decision to pull funding elicited much opposition and reignited the political debate over abortion. While it’s good that Komen ultimately reversed its decision, this was only one in a series of attacks on Planned Parenthood [the more the merrier!]. Conservative groups need to stop making Planned Parenthood the face of abortion [um...maybe that's because it is] and attacking its programs, many of which provide essential health-related services to women.

Komen announced its plans to cut funding for Planned Parenthood on Jan. 31, citing a policy that forbids donations to groups under investigation. The decision elicited public opposition and was criticized for being politically motivated. In the aftermath of the announcement, Planned Parenthood received an outpouring of support via social media outlets and it raised more than $3 million. [For what it's worth, Komen's donations just happened to increase by 100 percent following the announcement. Not too shabby...] Caving to public pressure, Komen reversed its decision on Feb. 3 and apologized to Planned Parenthood. [Not exactly.]

Planned Parenthood is unfairly targeted by anti-abortion groups. Only 3 percent of its health services are abortion-related. [Lying 101! I don't know about you, but repeating that number a zillion times has sure made me start to believe it. Not. In all seriousness, here's how we responded last time that misleading statistic appeared in its pages. When in doubt, follow the money!] Beyond that, Planned Parenthood provides cancer screenings, testing for sexually transmitted diseases and family planning guidance. These are all services that empower women and advance women’s health. Anti-abortion groups regularly manipulate the facts to make Planned Parenthood the scapegoat of the abortion battle. [OK, Daily, then tell me just who is the biggest abortion provider in the nation! Oh wait...]

Komen prides itself on being a voice for women’s health. It’s disappointing that an organization that shares goals with Planned Parenthood would resort to cutting funds for political reasons. [Excuse me, but abortion has been found to increase the risk of breast cancer. The Pill, which PP considers "family planning," is a first class carcinogen. Dear Komen--how can you effectively fight breast cancer by donating to an organization which causes it!] There’s too much baseless political rhetoric surrounding Planned Parenthood. Organizations [including the Daily] need to check the facts before making such drastic decisions. [and editorials]

Family planning, sexual protection and STD screening are instrumental in health education and awareness. Planned Parenthood provides a secure and comfortable environment for women to use these services, and it's especially useful for low-income women, who couldn’t otherwise afford care.

Health care for young women should continue to be easily accessible, and Planned Parenthood ensures that it is. Abortion opponents need to stop attacking Planned Parenthood for procedures it rarely performs. [You call 300,000 abortions a year "rare"?!? ¿Qué estás fumando?] Planned Parenthood isn’t an abortion organization — it’s an organization that seeks to empower and educate women about their health. Conservative anti-abortion groups need to understand that the variety of ["]services["] offered by Planned Parenthood are instrumental in women’s health care.

Be sure to stay tuned to the Daily over the next few days for SFL's official response...

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