Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pants on fire!

That's the rating PolitiFact.com's Truth-O-Meter gave this Obama TV ad. But putting aside the deceptive tactics of our current president, could not this rating--given the content of the ad and the fact that we're pro-life with NO exceptions--be cause for concern?

Friday, July 20, 2012

"So...why are you pro-life?"

I'll have to admit, when I first heard those words from a young woman passing by our Right to Life booth at the Ann Arbor Art fair yesterday afternoon, I was slightly taken aback.

OK...slightly more than slightly.

After a half hour of being on constant guard, ready to counter each and every argument anybody might propose in support of abortion, the sheer simplicity and directness of the question was like a down-the-middle fastball to a hitter expecting a wild curveball. No longer important was the number weeks until a beating heart, nor society's obligation to protect the most vulnerable of its members, nor the harm abortion does to women, nor even the SLED argument--in short, everything that I felt so well-versed in to the point of being able to give an almost scripted response.

And so, faced with the question--THE question, in fact--I, well, choked. After a prolonged stutter, I gave some lame answer about how I believe everyone deserves a chance at life. She wasn't impressed. Neither was I.

Yes, everyone does deserve a chance at life, but that's not the reason I'm pro-life. That's a reason but not the reason. So what is this reason? Just why am I pro-life? This is the fundamental question, and one that should not be eclipsed by why you should be pro-life. And that's what this experience forced me to think about--certainly not for the first time, but perhaps at a level deeper than ever before.

I am pro-life because I believe in the intrinsic value and dignity of the human person--that is to say, a value and dignity that he possesses not because of his perceived worth, condition, convenience, or any other factor aside from the very nature of his membership in our human race.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Woo and Boo: Summer's best and worst pro-life moments


SFL hosts and co-sponsors Religious Freedom rally on the Diag. 1200+ people show up to protest the HHS mandate requiring religious organizations and individuals to provide morally objectional services, including abortion-inducing drugs. SFL VP Joe Lipa speaks at the rally, and former SFL president Carmen Allen is interviewed by the Daily, which writes a very favorable article on the event. Video recap of the rally below.

Not being tolerated by the "tolerance" crowd.

From: SORC Students
Sent: Tuesday, May 29, 2012 3:21 PM
To: Lipa, Joseph
Subject: Your Diag Board at Location C1

Hello Joe, the diag board for Students for Life at location C1 has been stolen/ taken. [Nooooo!!! Poor Hipster Baby!] Due to the inconvenience we would like to offer you a free used canvas to paint a new board or a half price new canvas. Because of our summer hours we only do one route each week and place boards every Monday evening. If you turn your board in by next Monday, June 4th at 4 PM, your replacement board will be placed then and then guided by the contract until the take down date. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thanks, SORC

SFL makes new sign and gets free week of advertising out of the ordeal.

Good luck stealing this one, pro-aborts. It was sprinkled with Holy Water! (top right)

No more ObamaCare. It's now ObamaTax. That's because the bill's individual mandate requiring everyone to have health insurance was found to be unconstitutional under the commerance clause. So, the Supreme Court voted, 5-4, to rewrite this part of the bill as a tax, and then justify its constitutionality under Congress' express power to tax. Naturally, right?

More importantly, this means that the healthcare bill--complete with its funding of abortion--is set to go into full effect by 2014. This is in addition to the HHS mandate, scheduled to go into effect August 1st--less than two weeks from now!

"It is not our job to protect the people from the consequences of their political choices."
--Chief Justice John Robers in majority opinion

That pretty much says it all...

From Citizens for a Pro-life Society:


Beat it, PP!

You can read the rest at their website.

It's great...to be...a [pro-life] Michigan Wolverine!

Wake up from your (pro-life) slumber!

The academic year may be temporarily suspended for the summer, and with it, perhaps too our pro-life efforts. But would that the abortion rate in our country do the same!

In other words, the inconvenient truth is that while we relax and enjoy our time off babies continue to die. At a time when we presumably have the most time, we are doing the least to end the tragedy of abortion. Yours truly has been especially guilty of this. (That's part of the reason this blog hasn't been updated in three months.)

We need to arise from our summer slumber! We need to end this seasonal hiatus of essential, life-saving work! And we need to do so now more than ever! The abortion industry doesn't slow down for us.

And so, fully admitting that in doing so we are as hypocritical as our work urgent, we hereby present these five ways you can help the pro-life movement during the summer, whoever you are and wherever you happen to be:

  1. Hold vigil at your local abortion clinic. Sadly, you probably won't have to travel very far, regardless of where you are. Googling "abortion clinic [your city]" will likely yield something nearby. If it doesn't, praise the Lord and go to step two!
  2. Stay up-to-date on the latest pro-life news. You'll find a combination of valiant victories and depressing defeats. The former will inspire you to keep fighting the good fight and the latter will shock you into action.
  3. Get involved in your local pro-life group. This could be through a church, volunteer organization, or young-adult group. Throughout the country, 40 Days for Life groups are nearly ubiquitous. For those still in the state, Michigan Right to Life has several local chapters. Once again, Google will be your friend here.
  4. Know how to vote. This upcoming election will be absolutely pivotal. Research the candidates so you know who's pro-life...and who's not. Make sure your pro-life friends are registered to vote...but only when your pro-abortion friends are out of earshot.
  5. PRAY! Arguably the easiest, but definitely the most important. Pray that human life may be respected and protected from conception to natural death in our country and, indeed, throughout the whole world.