Monday, August 27, 2012

New Diag Boards

If this one gets stolen, it'll be just more of the same...
If this one gets stolen, it'll be the clearest evidence possible
(as if we need any more) for the absurdity of the "pro-choice" euphemism.

Finally, if this Union banner, to be produced tonight, gets stolen then, considering
the altitude at which it is to be displayed, we'll know with 99.9% certainty that our
culprit is either a member of the men's high jump team, the women's gymnastics team,
or, quite simply, is Denard Robinson.

Friday, August 24, 2012

More on Nellie Gray

As I type this, Nellie Gray's funeral Mass--a Traditional Latin Requiem--is taking place in Washington D.C. In light of this, I thought I'd post some interesting tidbits I found on her life and those she impacted.

Did you know?
  • There appears to be some uncertainty--or at least inconsistency within media reports--regarding her date of birth and, hence, the age at which she died. This tribute from TFP states she was 88, which would make her born in 1924. However, this article, written on the day of the March in 2010 and titled "At 84, Pro-life Leader Nellie Gray Marches On," would put her birthday in 1926 and her age at 86, an age explicitly stated by this news article. Even the highly-credible LifeSiteNews article went out of its way to avoid mentioning her age directly. Accordingly, her page on the equally uncredible Wikipedia had, until just recently a "c.1924" for her birth date. It now says, she was born on June 24, 1924 and died at age 88, referencing a blog post by Jill Stanek.
  • Nellie served in Europe as a member of the Women's Army Corps. Afterwards, she obtained a degree in Law from Georgetown University, before deciding to found the March for Life after the nationwide legalization of abortion in 1973.
  • Nellie, with her unmistakable voice, has served as MC for the pre-March rally on the National Mall every year without exception since the first March. Who can replace her irreplaceable presence?
  • Nellie coined the phrase "No exceptions, no compromise" to express her 100% pro-life convictions. Would that all of our avowedly pro-life politicians, following her example, have the courage to do the same!
  • Fr. Frank Pavone, founder and national director of Priests for Life, credits Nellie Gray and the 1976 March for Life, which he had attended with his mother, with inspiring he vocation to the priesthood.
  • Even some secular news stations--including this notorious one--have reported on her death and legacy.
What a woman!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Rest in peace, Nellie

In case you haven't heard, Nellie Gray, founder of the March for Life, passed away over the weekend. The 86-year-old pro-life champion was found this morning in her apartment, having died apparently from natural causes.

If you've been to the March for Life, you'll know Nellie as the MC of the pre-March rally at the national mall, as the old woman on the podium whose frailty of appearance was only overshadowed by the passion with which she spoke.

Nellie Gray: 1926-2012

As the founder of and brains behind the event, Nellie had, in fact, done exactly this every year without exception at the March--a March which, under her watch, has grown from 20,000 participants in 1974 to perhaps over a half million this past January.

Requiescat in pace, Nellie. You will be greatly missed.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Paul Ryan’s 'Extreme' Abortion Views

When it comes to abortion, this aint no Condoleezza Rice.

When that's the title of an article by the uber-liberal online newspaper The Daily Beast, you know something's gone right!

Here's an excerpt:
Less attention has been paid, though, to Ryan’s hard-right positions on social issues. Indeed, on abortion and women’s health care, there isn’t much daylight between Ryan and, say, Michele Bachmann. [Oh, the horrors!] Any Republican vice-presidential candidate is going to be broadly anti-abortion, [Well, not this one. What a relief that Romney had enough sense not to pick her.] but Ryan goes much further. He believes ending a pregnancy should be illegal even when it results from rape or incest, or endangers a woman’s health. He was a cosponsor of the Sanctity of Human Life Act, a federal bill defining fertilized eggs as human beings [Oh no! Not another one of those pro-science nuts!], which, if passed, would criminalize some forms of birth control and in vitro fertilization. The National Right to Life Committee has scored his voting record 100 percent every year since he entered the House in 1999. “I’m as pro-life as a person gets,” he told The Weekly Standard’s John McCormack in 2010. “You’re not going to have a truce.”

Congratulations to Mr. Extreme-on-Abortion! May you become the next Vice President so you can impose on the country the "extremeness" of your regard for the sanctity of life!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Tolerance? What tolerance? SFL Diag boards stolen AGAIN

This is getting ridiculous.

From: SORC Students <>
Date: Mon, Aug 6, 2012 at 5:10 PM
Subject: Students for Life Diag Boards
Cc: SORC Students <>

Hello Joe,
Unfortunately both of the Students for Life diag boards have been stolen. We are, again, very sorry for the inconvenience and would like to offer your two new diag boards at half of or two free used boards to make replacements. Please come into the source to pick up these materials. Again, I know this is not the first time and we are committed to getting your boards back up quickly. Thanks!
Student Organization Resource Center staff
 For those of you keeping count, this is now the second time this summer we've had a Diag board stolen. And this time it was both of them. That makes three stolen boards in three months.

That's right--gone is the hand-painted and dazzlingly brilliant sign whose red-lettered "Pro-Life?" query was so large as to render it readable from a quarter mile. Gone is the logo-bearing sign reminding all who saw it that Students for Life is "the most active [sic] pro-life group on campus." And, perhaps the greatest tragedy, gone too is "hipster" baby, whose trendy outfit and stylin' glasses testified as equally to our members' sense of humor as to the (undeniable) fact that hippies are born pro-life too.

If you see me in the trash can, it's because I was victim of a (real) hate crime!

What bothers me most about these repeated incidents [read: crimes] is not all the hassle and inconvenience they cause us. It's not all the time and effort required to think up new advertising ideas and make new boards (although, to be sure, this takes quite some time). It's not even that our club is so obviously targeted and utterly despised by some on our "expect respect" campus.

What bothers me most is that this is being done by the very same people who make their living--and justify their killing--under the guise of tolerance. Even worse, these people all too often claim that WE are the ones being intolerant because we support life! And, absolutely the worst, they somehow get away with it, even (especially?) at a University that regards open-mindedness, progressivism, critical thinking, and intellectual honesty as its four cardinal virtues!

Excuse me, pro-aborts, but when have we stolen your Diag boards? When have we resorted to vandalism and theft over dialogue and discourse? When, despite our disagreement with your position and principles, have we failed to tolerate you as people? When, for that matter, have we failed (and if we have, please forgive us) to treat you with anything other than the respect and cordiality due to all people by virtue of their being people?

And yet we are the intolerant ones? Amazing!

Ladies and gentlemen: Make no mistake about it: Pro-abortion and tolerant have as much to do with each other as Nancy Pelosi and Catholic.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Will the mandate stand?

Unless Sebelius can muster a defense a heck of a lot better than this, I would say the answer is a resounding no.

BTW, remember this? IMHO, it's very telling--both for the president and for the Chief Justice--when you consider at which word the blunder occurred.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

PFL: "We will disobey this mandate"

May many, many more have the courage to follow suit!

From LifeSiteNews, with our customary emphasis and comments:

Priests for Life announces it will defy HHS mandate 
The HHS mandate goes into effect today for businesses and non-religious employers, but one organization has already announced it will not comply.

Fr. Frank Pavone, national director of Priests for Life, said that while that organization “advocates the observance of all just laws…I want to make it clear to you today that we will disobey this mandate.” [OORAH!!!]

In a letter setting forth official policy on the matter, Fr. Pavone wrote, “Neither Priests for Life as an organization, nor any one of our administrative team or Board of Directors, nor I personally, consent to provide, pay for, advocate, counsel, refer, or in any way tolerate or cooperate with any process, plan, exchange of money or services, or any other activity that would enable a person to engage in the use of abortion-inducing drugs, contraception, or sterilization.” [It doesn't get much clearer than that.]

The group does not qualify for a one-year exemption available to religious organizations to “adapt” to the mandate. “We are not ‘religious’ enough for this administration,” he said.

Faced with the option of violating its conscience or incurring fines up to $100 a day per employee beginning today, Priests for Life is standing by its convictions. [That's right, first amendment rights now cost $36,500 per employee per year to exercise. Behold, ladies and gentlemen, the America in which we now live.]


What crazy times these are. Cataclysmic might be a better word.

Sanguis martyrum semen christianorum.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A sad day for America

"An unjust law is no law at all." --St. Augustine

The HHS mandate went into effect today. Private employers, regardless of objections due to conscience, must now provide their employees with health care coverage that includes contraception, sterilizations, and abortifacient drugs. Religious institutions have an additional year to comply--or, as one Cardinal put it, "we have a year to figure out how to violate our consciences."

Here's a snippet of what Kristen Hawkins, Executive Director of Students for Life of America, had to say, with our emphasis and comments:

Today marks the beginning of the end of religious and conscience rights in America.

As of today, employers, just like myself, will be forced to make a false choice between providing a vital service [aka health care] to their employees and violating their consciences and values. [aka provide "services" such as the abortion pill]

No matter what your faith or view of abortion may be, the HHS Abortion Pill Mandate is an egregious attack upon the rights of all people of values and faith in America.

Today, the religious liberties of all Americans have been thrown in the trash. And it's the same trash can where the 3,300 precious babies that will be legally aborted today will be thrown.

While the courts have given a momentary reprieve to one family business in Colorado, [This is very encouraging news and, hopefully, a sign of things to come. The court effectively ruled that the company could ignore the mandate. Read about it here.] today, all other businesses that employ more than 25 employees across America have been given the false choice of abandoning their conscience or religious beliefs or being taxed and fined out of business. And the clock has started ticking for Houses of Worships and other religious institutions to apply for an exemption before their deadline on August 1, 2013. Unfortunately, the requirements are so narrow that many who will apply will be not be exempt. Even Mother Theresa’s Order, the Missionaries of Charity, will not qualify for an exemption. [This is ridiculous! Why should we have to apply for an "exemption" in order to practice our constitutionally-guaranteed rights?!?]


We are waging a war for the soul of our nation, for the very beliefs that this nation was founded upon.