Sunday, September 18, 2011

MSA Tailgate Cleanup Adventure!

    Or, what happened to us last Saturday, right before the Notre Dame game:     
It wasn’t until we were walking back towards the stadium that it sank in: somehow, our group always finds the adventure in the most quotidian circumstances. What started out as an attempt to make some much-needed money for our group turned into a creative, last-minute fundraiser that found us “SFL’evangelizing” on the streets of South Campus.
            It began with the MSA tailgate. MSA selected us, much to our happiness and surprise, to clean up after their tailgate, a special event that coincided with the first night game at Michigan Stadium. Maybe cleaning up after a large campus event doesn’t sound like that much fun, but it was an excellent opportunity for us to make some extra cash and get to know a couple of MSA officers (diplomacy is always good!). And with a sizable group of our membership present, the work went fast. Those of us who arrived early enough even caught the end of the free pizza!
            One of our duties involved loading a minivan with some of MSA’s supplies and then meeting MSA’s president and vice-president at the Union to unload. Along the way, the MSA program director asked us to throw out four large boxes of doughnuts. However, the doughnuts were still good and we wondered if we could sell them (credit for this idea goes to Anthony Salem, by the way). So as the rest of us hiked up to the Union, Anthony took the doughnuts and began selling them on the corner of Hill and S. Divison. Or, rather, he “sold” them for free, and then asked for a donation. Hungry fans and latecomers were grateful for the unexpected treat.
            Of course, most SFL stories (the good ones, at least) include a part where we explain our position to a curious passer-by (and sometimes an aggressive passer-by). This story is no different, and we had the opportunity to explain our cause to would-be doughnut-buyers. While we didn’t sell anywhere close to all of the doughnuts (there were a lot!), we made about $15 extra, and those of us who had tickets made it to the game before it was too late. And we were glad we did. As the sky grew darker overhead, Wolverine hopes waxed and waned until we were ultimately party to one of the most dazzling victories in recent memory.
            It was the perfect ending to the the most SFL-esque day.

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