Thursday, September 8, 2011

Save at Planned Parenthood! and 40 DFL News

From Paul, Ann Arbor 40 Days for Life Campaign Director, comes this wonderful news:

Fellow Prayer Warriors, 
Please read our little report of the save that occurred at Planned Parenthood Ann Arbor yesterday, Sept. 1st.  Our presence truly makes a difference to the lives of human beings in the womb of mothers contemplating abortion.  Continue to pray for this young Mom who chose to keep her child.
From Iris, Sally and Paul
 1 September 2011

My mom and I pray at the abortion mill every Thursday from 10am to 11am. On 1 September, we were together there as usual. My mom had a large black sign with white letters that reads "I’m praying for you and your baby, it’s not too late to change your mind."  We park our car on the right side of the street just before the entrance of the parking lot to Planned Parenthood, open the back hatch and display the sign in the back of our vehicle. My mom stands on the opposite side of the street praying while I pray at the entrance to the parking lot near the "No Outlet" sign and try to hand out literature . Bernie, the security guard for Planned Parenthood, sits in a chair near me to try and discourage any people from stopping to talk to me or take literature.
On this particular day one of the cars that accepted a pro-life newspaper and pregnancy help information had two women in it. I thought that maybe it was a mother and her teen aged daughter. I handed out the newspaper and they stopped and rolled down the window to take it. I said "thank you, have a wonderful day." They drove into the parking lot and went into the clinic. A short time later they came out and drove out of the parking lot waving as they went by. Around 20 minutes later they returned and not recognizing the car at first I held out a paper again. They stopped and told me I had already given them one, and thanked me. Again they went into the clinic and then came out and sat in their car. My mom was trying to reach out to a couple who we believed to be waiting for their turn to have an abortion and she got the sign out of our vehicle and stood facing the clinic holding the sign up.
At this time, Iris and Sally's shift was over and Paul arrived to relieve them.  Sally gave an update on what was happening and Paul began praying and sidewalk counseling at the No-Outlet sign to better reach the clients entering and leaving the clinic.  I noticed the car with two people in it and waved to them a few times when they looked over.  After 30 minutes or so, after reaching out verbally to other clients as they were leaving or entering, I walked across the street holding my Knights of Columbus DEFEND LIFE sign to show to a woman who was talking on her cell phone at the entrance to the abortion clinic.  I also showed it to the women in the car who obviously looked over to read the sign.  I walked back to my spot and after a few minutes, the car with the two women is leaving the PP parking lot and as they are driving by, the young woman driving shouts out of her window, "I decided not to do it!"  I asked "do what, have the abortion?"  And she says "yes!!"  I could only say happily, That is great news!!"
Bernie laughs it off, saying that she has been here all morning and her friend is having an abortion who is inside right now.  Typical discouraging comments from him (please pray for his conversion).  It took a while to comprehend what just happened.  After I got back to work, I realized that the Holy Spirit worked through Sally, Iris and I to reach an abortion minded woman.  The Holy Spirit then worked the true miracle of changing the heart of that woman to allow her to choose to keep her baby.  Praise the Lord!!
40 Days for Life News
  • With the Ann Arbor 40 Days for Life Campaign set for Sept. 28 through November 6, I urge you all to allow the Holy Spirit to work through you by signing up to pray at the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic at 3100 Professional Dr. in Ann Arbor.  Go to and hit the Vigil Schedule tab.  We are trying to have someone praying at the site during PP's business hours Monday through Saturday, 9 AM to 7 PM.  Prayer during the other hours are also important to cover since any prayer helps favor our side in this spiritual battle that is going on at the abortion clinic.
  • Please mark your calendars to attend the 40 Days for Life Kick-Off rally, Monday, September 26, 7 PM at Christ the King Community Center.  More details to follow.
  • Come out to the abortion clinic before Sept. 28 to pray to end the 2300 abortions that are committed at the Ann Arbor PP clinic every year.  You never know how the Holy Spirit can use you to save human lives.
Finally, please read Abby Johnson's recent article from about her experiences in the abortion clinic at this link and pray for those working in the Ann Arbor PP abortion clinic. 
Also check out the 14 minute video from National 40 DFL where another ex-PP worker speaks about her conversion away from the abortion business .
I hope you all will take some part in this Fall's largest 40 Days for Life Campaign ever (291 cities).  WE NEED YOUR HELP to put an end to the 2300 abortions/year committed at Planned Parenthood's Ann Arbor abortion clinic.
God Bless you and your Pro-Life work!

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