Wednesday, October 5, 2011

BREAKING: GAP display an "act of hate crime"...

We hate women because we try to prevent them from being killed inside the womb and physically, emotionally, and spiritually scarred outside of the womb through abortion. But, remember, dismembering pre-born humans is not hate, but "choice." Follow the logic?

Apparently, some people think we shouldn't have the "choice" to exercise our freedom of speech either.

From a letter to the editor to the Michigan Daily with our emphasis and comments:

To the University of Michigan:

To be quite frank, I am disappointed in my college for the first time since visiting the University about seven years ago.

I, and every student at this great school, understand the importance of freedom of speech and the right to peacefully assemble — specifically on the Diag here at the University. This exercise of the First Amendment on the center of the University is what makes Michigan special [unless of couse you disagree with the message being presented].

However, while members of the Genocide Awareness Project cloaked themselves in their right of exercising free speech, their display was an act of hate crime — a hate crime against the families and friends of victims of the Holocaust, slavery, refugees from the genocides in Cambodia, Darfur and Rwanda. [And against the 50 million victims of abortion?]

Not only did members of the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform — which brought the GAP to campus — show hate toward racial, ethnic and religious groups, they demonstrated hate toward women. Essentially, to compare the mass murders of people to abortion indicated that they view all women who are pro-choice as murderers. I am appalled that the University, one of the most open-minded places I could ever imagine, allowed the act of hate crimes to appear on campus for not just one, but two days. [Apparently, being "open-minded" means being close-minded to all ideas that are not one's own.] I can't even understand why one of the University's student organizations would think to invite such a thing to the campus.

Aside from this, a member of the center at one point actually insulted the demographic it targeted — a.k.a. students themselves — by refuting an individual student's argument with the statement, "You're a college student. You can't understand."

No one, pro-life or pro-choice, should ever condone this "project." Ever. Especially one of the most diverse universities in the world. [diverse, adj--"Showing a great deal of variety" Word choice?]

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