Monday, April 2, 2012

We're listed as one of Jill Stanek's top Blogs!

I am so pleased to announce that THIS blog, brought to you by The Students for Life at the University of Michigan, has been added to Jill Stanek's list of Top Blogs! It is truly an honor to be recognized by such a well-acclaimed Pro Life activist!
Susie and Kelli write about UM SFL...

"Welcome to our newest blog by University of Michigan Students for Life, which is celebrating the group’s first known baby saved in their Pregnant on Campus Campaign. The students used flyers, chalkings, and signage to acquaint students with resources available for them to choose life. Congratulations to them!"(more here.)

As publicity chair, I could not be more proud of all the members who helped us raise awareness for our Pregnant on Campus Initiative. The hours you dedicate each week to flyering for our campaign and events, and the early hours in the morning you spend chalking "Pregnant? Scared?" on classroom chalkboards have TRULY paid off for a mother-and especially for her child.

If you are vistiting our blog from the post on Jill Stanek, welcome! We hope you enjoy reading about our activism on campus and our insights into the Pro Life movement and issues. We would love to keep you updated on our campaigns and initiatives, so keep reading and don't forget to follow us on Twitter!!/UMichSFLife

For more information about our initiatives and how you can donate and directly contribute to our efforts, please visit our website Click "Support Us" for information on how to donate!

Thank you again to all those visiting this page, and all of the faithful SFLers!

For Life!

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