Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cemetery of the Innocents

Hey lovely lifers! As you all know, today we held our display in the Diag for Cemetery of the Innocents. (For those of you don't know, we put up tombstones to represent the number of babies aborted each day in the United States.) And let me tell you, what a day it was! It certainly had its ups and downs. The day began with some of our very dedicated, extremely awesome club members getting up very early to set up the display (THANKS!). And throughout the morning, the wind knocked down our tombstones. And putting them back up did nothing. Nothing at all. But did we give up?! No! And that's what I realized today- that the Pro-Life movement, the cause we all hold so dear to our hearts, the hardest fight to fight on this UM campus, is full of ups and downs for all of us. Sometimes you win people over, and sometimes you don't. Sometimes, they are complete polar opposites of you and think you're crazy.
I had that experience today. I talked with an old couple who, at first, I believed to agree with me. They said they were Catholic and pro-life. But then they went on to say that they were proud supporters of Planned Parenthood. Then they went on to say they were pro-abortion because they "value all human life."
Uhh. Wait. What?
Yeah. So that was interesting. They denied the truth of the footage of Live Action, and refused to even accept the challenge I gave them of reading pro life literature. So, I talked in circles for 45 minutes. And got nowhere. But hey, it happens!
My point is- for every person we think we have lost- someone, somewhere, finds another one. I know that this happened today. Carmen said she talked to a woman who had been impacted by abortion. They talked about babies being conceived in rape- and the woman's experience with this. Carmen got her in touch with Silent No More, an organization of brave men and women who share their stories of abortion and healing. The woman walked away smiling, knowing that Students for Life at UM  is a resource for her, as well as other women who have been impacted by abortion.
So, my point is, I lost one today. Well, two. But, hooray! Carmen had a great conversation with someone- and who knows how many babies will be saved because of it.
In sum, I want to reiterate the importance of dialoging with those people who don't agree with us at all, those who are on the fence about abortion, and those who agree with us completely. Dialoging is crucial; to get our message out there, it's something we must do.
So, keep fighting the good fight! As much as we may want to give up when we're stuck facing people like the two I talked to today, just remember that someone, somewhere, is being saved.

For Life,
Taylor Modrowski

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