Monday, March 19, 2012

32nd (day) anniversary

Ladies and Gentlemen: In order to celebrate the 32nd day since our stunning Planned Parenthood Protest on the Diag, we hearby present to you below our top photos from this hugely successful event.

(Translation: Apologies for taking 32 days to post these...)

How many PP supporters do you see in the picture?

Yeah Nick--two signs!

And just in case you couldn't read Elise's sign...

Yeah Mrs. Vipperman!

You tell 'em, Sister! FWIW, the guitar-strummin' Sister Sarah invited us on her radio show!

Two lone PP supporters...and a mass of pro-lifers in the background.

Remember PP's pyramid of Ramen Noodles? Well, here they are in Sandie's truck. No, we didn't steal them--PP gave them to us after their rally flopped. Thanks PP! These will feed a lot of pregnant women!

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  1. The caption on the last picture with the ramen noodles is hilarious. Thanks for sharing these photos and supporting life.