Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Another Save at PP--Go Hillsdale!

A report from Emma, President of Hillsdale Students for Life:

When we were at the clinic on the March 3rd, we took about 20 people (from Hillsdale College) and were the first ones there. A bit after we arrived, some students from UofM showed up and were there until we left- a little after 11. We had 6 cars stop to talk to us total. We got brochures to everyone of them. One woman I spoke to was coming for an abortion. I gave her the material and told her that we were praying for her and that we would be there to talk if she so desired. She drove into the parking lot and about 30 minutes after heading into PP she came out with the material I gave her. One of the escorts tried to get her to go back inside and she said "give me a minute to read this." the escort got frustrated at that and told her that it was all lies, and we were just there to ruin her life. The escort went to take the material from the young woman, who stepped back and said "no." then she turned, got in her car, and as she drove away she smiled and waved and pointed at the brochures. [!!!]

I also got several people from the clinic to come and talk to me as they waited for friends inside, and I got information to them as well. We also had the most luck with the escorts that day- they never once bothered, threatened, or yelled at us! God is so good.
A shout-out to all you Hillsdale SFLers: THANK YOU for your presence and dedication! Especially considering the drive--to bring 20 students each month out to PP is truly heroic! You will probably never know how much this woman was touched by your loving support, and by extension, how much her child will be grateful for the strangers now responsible for his/her very existence.

A shout-out to all UMSFLers: Let this serve as an inspiriation for all of us to finish off the 40DFL campaign strong!

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