Tuesday, March 20, 2012

We are what we eat?

I "liked" a Facebook page titled "We can end Abortion" - and it is always posting informative, yet shocking, articles. One I found today was SHOCKING. It was a list of all the products that have been found to contain aborted fetal cells.  Cells from an aborted baby are taken and cultured- viruses are grown on them, and are also used in products we EAT AND DRINK. Aborted fetal cells are in everyday products- even orange juice! That's disgusting! Even some of my favorite candies (well, they're not my favorite anymore!) contain aborted fetal cells. This just proves the fact that abortion is a business. It is a money maker. The abortion industry doesn't care about women and "reproductive rights"- they're concerned with collecting revenue in any way possible. I have decided, and I encourage you all to do the same, to boycott the items on the following list. If people ask us why, we will give them the truth! These products promote the destruction of innocent human lives- and we need to take a stand! Here is the website with the list:


For Life,

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