Monday, August 6, 2012

Tolerance? What tolerance? SFL Diag boards stolen AGAIN

This is getting ridiculous.

From: SORC Students <>
Date: Mon, Aug 6, 2012 at 5:10 PM
Subject: Students for Life Diag Boards
Cc: SORC Students <>

Hello Joe,
Unfortunately both of the Students for Life diag boards have been stolen. We are, again, very sorry for the inconvenience and would like to offer your two new diag boards at half of or two free used boards to make replacements. Please come into the source to pick up these materials. Again, I know this is not the first time and we are committed to getting your boards back up quickly. Thanks!
Student Organization Resource Center staff
 For those of you keeping count, this is now the second time this summer we've had a Diag board stolen. And this time it was both of them. That makes three stolen boards in three months.

That's right--gone is the hand-painted and dazzlingly brilliant sign whose red-lettered "Pro-Life?" query was so large as to render it readable from a quarter mile. Gone is the logo-bearing sign reminding all who saw it that Students for Life is "the most active [sic] pro-life group on campus." And, perhaps the greatest tragedy, gone too is "hipster" baby, whose trendy outfit and stylin' glasses testified as equally to our members' sense of humor as to the (undeniable) fact that hippies are born pro-life too.

If you see me in the trash can, it's because I was victim of a (real) hate crime!

What bothers me most about these repeated incidents [read: crimes] is not all the hassle and inconvenience they cause us. It's not all the time and effort required to think up new advertising ideas and make new boards (although, to be sure, this takes quite some time). It's not even that our club is so obviously targeted and utterly despised by some on our "expect respect" campus.

What bothers me most is that this is being done by the very same people who make their living--and justify their killing--under the guise of tolerance. Even worse, these people all too often claim that WE are the ones being intolerant because we support life! And, absolutely the worst, they somehow get away with it, even (especially?) at a University that regards open-mindedness, progressivism, critical thinking, and intellectual honesty as its four cardinal virtues!

Excuse me, pro-aborts, but when have we stolen your Diag boards? When have we resorted to vandalism and theft over dialogue and discourse? When, despite our disagreement with your position and principles, have we failed to tolerate you as people? When, for that matter, have we failed (and if we have, please forgive us) to treat you with anything other than the respect and cordiality due to all people by virtue of their being people?

And yet we are the intolerant ones? Amazing!

Ladies and gentlemen: Make no mistake about it: Pro-abortion and tolerant have as much to do with each other as Nancy Pelosi and Catholic.

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  1. Great article, Joe. "Tolerance" is a very misunderstood concept in our society, it's true... It's so frustrating. I hope no more SFL stuff will be vandalized or stolen!