Sunday, September 30, 2012

A View From the Other Side

Hey Lifers!
As active members of the pro-life movement, it's important for us to read perspectives on life issues from the other side. This helps makes our dialogue with those who call themselves pro-choice more effective, and it gives an an idea of the arguments we may face in a debate.
Many of us know who Dr. Tiller was, an abortionist who was killed by Scott Roeder, who associated himself with the pro-life movement. That was certainly a tragedy; it can in no way be justified and we cannot condone it.
This article, from, explains that a women's group is hoping to re-open his abortion clinic.
This group is facing opposition, which is good news! They're facing resistance from the pro-lifers in town.
So, we can only hope that this abortion clinic is not reopened!
Here's my point: This instance reminds us of how important it is to stay active and defend life! The pro-choice movement is as active as ever, and we must also remain proactive and defend the unborn!
Hopefully this article gets you thinking about these things, and reminds you to keep up the hard work and activism!

It's always interesting to read literature from the pro-choice movement- knowing the arguments of the other side is extremely important! Be sure to check out other sources and stay up to date on the latest abortion legislation and news. You could just save a life by sharing what you know with someone.

For Life,

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