Wednesday, September 19, 2012

iVoteProLifeFirst bus tour hits Ann Arbor!

On Monday we were privileged to host the iVoteProLifeFirst bus tour, sponsored by Students for Life of America, our umbrella organization at the national level.

From noon to 1pm, we joined SFLA's representatives and the world-famous Jill Stanek (whose fabulous blog is probably responsible for any success this one has had) out on the Diag in handing out free popcorn, playing music, and--most importantly--getting people to sign the following pledge:

All in all, we probably got around 30 signers. That's about one every two minutes. Who says there's no pro-lifers in Ann Arbor???

In addition, Jill Stanek spoke about her experience working as a nurse at a hospital that not only did abortions, but left babies to who survived the "procedure" to die in a back room. Brendan O'Morchoe, National Director of Field Operations for SFL, exposed Obama's shocking record in favor of this most horrific type of infanticide as a member of the Illinois state legislature.

Here are some (read: two) pics from the event:

Jill Stanek (center in green) with UMSFLers and
iVoteProLife First Bus Tour Participants.

Anne and Anthony (an awesome alliteration!)

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