Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Just too incredible to be coincidental

...As Rachel was loading groceries into her car from Walmart, the LIFE Band inexplicably slipped off her wrist and landed on the parking lot, without her even knowing it had happened.


Not many months later, Rachel began a job as a server in a local Olive Garden restaurant. One day a mother and her newborn baby came in and were seated in her section.


As Rachel talked to the woman, she caught a quick glimpse of a red bracelet wrapped around the woman’s wrist with the distinctive word LIFE engraved on it.

“You have a LIFE Band, huh?” Rachel ventured.

The woman was at first confused about what Rachel was referring to, but then clued in.

Yeah, I found this in a parking lot,” the woman replied.

These excerpts should, if you have any heart at all, prick your curiosity enough to read the entire article over at LifeSiteNews.

Just too incredible to be coincidental.


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