Friday, January 27, 2012

BREAKING: LiveAction's Lila Rose tweets about SFL!

As if we haven't had enough excitement for one day!

Read the article here! UMSFL kudos to Cassie Balfour of the Michigan Daily for such a great article!

Here's an excerpt:

The tension on the Diag was so palpable it seemed to tighten the slack lines tied to trees surrounding the horrifying display. Pictures of supposedly aborted fetuses were juxtaposed next to the graphic, blown-up pictures of Holocaust victims, the body of a dead African child and a bolded textbook definition of genocide.

As a proud pro-choicer, I went home to change into my stylishly cut “I Stand With Planned Parenthood” American Apparel t-shirt, crafting a scathing opinion piece in my head to write for The Michigan Daily. I loudly ridiculed the pro-lifers, whom I characterized as having “crazy eyes,” with my friends and huffed and puffed and worst of all I dismissed the students huddled around tables on the edge of the Diag, so frustrated they weren’t being heard that they enlisted full color graphics that screamed.

At the time it seemed like the pro-lifers were seriously screwing themselves over.

But I do remember seeing one young woman, a student, standing nervously behind the display, pro-life pamphlets in hand. I wish I had talked to her instead of openly laughing at what I perceived at the time to be really poor activism.

So months after the inflammatory display, just in time for the 39th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, I visited the group behind the Genocide Awareness Project — the University of Michigan Students for Life. [...]
UPDATE: In just 52 minutes, the above article went from not even being on the list to the 4th most read article on! I guess when somebody has 7k+ followers on Twitter, that's pretty much to be expected. #Thanks, Lila!

UPDATE #2: We're up to #3! Let's beat out Obama!

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