Friday, January 27, 2012

More Excitement--Obama Protest!

"Well, first of all, for us this has nothing to do about being Republican or Democrat. [look up and smile at reporter] It's about a right that transcends every political party--the right to life."
--Mental practice for the off-chance that we get interviewed. Then it happened.

What do you do when the most pro-abortion president in history comes to your college campus? Any guesses, anybody?

UPDATE: Some of the protesters, including SFL's own Brian Koziara, made the Detroit Free Press.

Protestors against Predident Barack Obama voice their opinions against the President as others stand in line waiting outside of Al Glick Field House at 1300 South State St. In Ann Arbor , Mich. as they want to get seats for President Barack Obama's appearance and speech today.
Good point, Brian--Where are the jobs...for the 50 million Americans who should be alive and contributing to the workforce?

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