Friday, January 27, 2012

Quite a week!

Here's a quick recap of the excitement of the past week:

Exactly one week ago today, we had just left via MegaBus for the March for Life in DC. Little did we know what would happen to us on the way. A fluke snowstorm, a broken bus door, and a flat tire at 4am turned the usually bearable 10 hour drive into a maddening 17 hour affair. As one attendee remarked, it was like we drove to DC and back...just to get to DC! This ordeal really dampened our spirits. Not.

Our experience in DC can only be described as one thing...stunning. From cramming four six people into each hotel room (gotta save the $, you know) to visiting the National Basilica (had to get it out of my system) to the sold-out SFLA conference (world's largest student pro-life gathering) to the March itself (our flag got some serious airtime on EWTN) there's really no way to describe it. So I'll let the pictures do the talking...

Dinner after visiting the Basilica. This Burger joint in Chinatown literally dropped down from heaven.

UMSFL increased its attendance at the Surpreme Court by 91.3%--from 23 last year to a record 44 this year!

TV screenshot of our flag!

These three SFLers, along with hundreds of thousands of marchers, were granted the miraculous power of being invisible to every news outlet except those (sic) beginning with E and ending with N.

More pics of the event can be found here. [Hat tip: Sandie Weathers] If you have any pictures from the March, please send them in. Or better yet, post them to Facebook!

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