Monday, January 30, 2012

Dynamic equivalence and the Daily

You may recall my mental preparation on the way to protest Obama for the off-chance that we'd be interviewed. It went something like this:
"Well, first of all, for us this has nothing to do about being Republican or Democrat. [look up and smile at reporter] It's about a right that transcends every political party--the right to life. The president we have speaking right now is without question the most pro-abortion president in our history."
Well, here's how the Michigan Daily article turned out:
The protesters outside of Obama’s speech included those who were anti-abortion, anti-fracking, anti-Israel and Tea Party members. LSA sophomore Joe Lipa, events chair of Students for Life, an anti-abortion advocacy group, said he was frustrated that the issue of abortion has become less of a prominent issue of national debate.

“We’re seeing unprecedented attacks both on the unborn and also on religious freedoms,” Lipa said.
Note to self: Next time a Daily reporter askes "Can I interview you?" first ask "Is your recorder ON?"

In all seriousness, though, that quote is probably exactly what I said...just minus the all-important context. I suppose it could have turned out worse.

But still...Dynamic equivalence, anyone?

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