Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dude, you can't have an opinion. Now go make me a sammich.

“YOU DON’T CARE ABOUT WOMYN. I HAD SIX SISTERS. THAT’S WHY I’M HERE. I CARE ABOUT WOMYN.” Another Saturday morning. Another altercation with the “escort” outside of Planned Parenthood. Another ironic observation of my (Claire's) apparent apathy towards womanhood. isn't pretty.
This subject of chauvinism, both male and female, is one that’s often bandied across the protest line. Either you’re a chauvinist for being pro-life and female, for being pro-choice and male, for being pro-choice and a feminist, and/or being pro-life and being a man. (Good thing everyone grew out of defamation in 2nd grade). While the name-calling makes me laff (and confuses the hell out of me), it also points to one of the most frightening problems within this movement. “You people are chauvinists” they shout, yet fight for the destruction of the greatest distinction between masculinity and femininity. “We care about rights” the pro-choicers claim, and yet strip half the population of theirs. “You have no right to vocalize your opinion” men are told. “You can’t get pregnant. It’s not your issue.”

Since when did we have to be something to have an opinion? I’m not a heroine addict, but I know from logic, science, and life-experiences that the abuse of heroine is bad. I’m not Packers fan (Deo gratias), but I know from logic, science, and life-experiences that being one would be wrong. So, this argument that men are stripped from their opinions just because they can’t be pregnant is kind of...well, chauvinistic. And stupid.
I would be crying too if I was on that team...

Talking with one of my great friends, tonight, I discovered that seemingly apathetic guys have strong opinions about this issue. (No, I’m not judgmental at all.) While claiming that it was weird for guys to have a strong opinion on the abortion debate - a product of the gender muzzle -  this same gentleman turned around and defended his own pro-life views to his pro-choice, female housemate. Now this guy is about as mellow as you can get - he’s has anaphylactic fits at the word “politics” - yet he felt the frustration that comes with censorship. “The kid is technically and biologically half mine...” he said in response to her oh-so-original argument. Can you get any more eloquent or succinct? I think not. (Virgil is probably disappointed in the lack of iambic pentameter. My friend goes to OSU, though, so it can’t be helped. Sigh.) 
 Omg, it's so beautiful...
While the logic of the issue is kind of necessary, the simple human experience is even more so (um, sorry Aristotle?) While it’s true that at least 14% of women would have reconsidered abortion if they had support from a partner, the importance of equal gender vocalization is not one that should be restricted to relationships. Men, speak up in your classroom, at the dinner table, in the middle of the movie. (Just kidding, don’t do that. Unless it’s a Nicholas Sparks movie. Then feel free.) Not only are you exercising your rights (GO AMURICA), but you may also be giving hope to an abortion-minded, desperate mother. If she gets pregnant in the future, my friend’s housemate may turn to my friend because he’s the only one she’s sure that will support her in her distress. Don’t let anyone tell you your declaration of Truth is invalid because your anatomy is different. Just like I laugh at the “escort” for telling me that I don’t care about my gender because I am a pro-life woman, laugh at the people who tell you that the validity of your opinion depends on anything other than the quality of your argument.

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  1. I reverse image searched the image of the guy holding the sign (I am that guy and found that it had been shared and posted on a lot more sites than I ever knew).

    I just wanted to say that I thought it was funny that your blog post containing my picture also contains a bunch of anti-Packer comments. I grew up in Wisconsin and haven't missed seeing a Packer game in probably 10-12 years. Part owner and all of that.

    GO PACK.