Sunday, January 8, 2012

Does anyone know CPR? Top SFL Blogging Moments of 2011

According to medical research, the average person can survive approximately three minutes without oxygen. This blog, however, hasn't breathed life in a month and a half.

If it were human, it would have died 21,600 times by now.

Therefore, we will attempt to perform some blogging CPR (Collaborative Pro-life Revival) in order to encourage others to help save this collection of bits and bytes. We hearby present...

SFL's Top Blogging Moments of 2011

The "Waxing" Eloquent

"...somehow, our group always finds the adventure in the most quotidian circumstances...As the sky grew darker overhead, Wolverine hopes waxed and waned until we were ultimately party to one of the most dazzling victories in recent memory. It was the perfect ending to the the most SFL-esque day."
[Hat tip: AP]

The Reassuring

The Shocking

"No one on our side is for killing babies, which is essentially what abortion is."
[Hat tip: SSA]

The Embarrassing
@ Carmen: Thanks for your "broken condom" statement.
You once again make it clear that your lunatic group would call women ( or couples) "nazis " because they had the good sense to realize that they might be unprepared to responsibly raise a child for any number of good reasons ...including the good of the potential child.... just because of an accident with defective latex.
With that kind of reasoning ( and your equally stupid tactics)how did you and your loudmouthed collaborators get into a supposedly elite school??

[Hat tip: S.A. Tee (not verified)]

The Downright Stupid

[Hat tips: NM (good) and Planned Parenthood (bad)]

The Disappointing

[Hat tip: None given, considering the current number of pageviews.]

The Duel

[Hat tip: JL "And no, I don't mean the JL in the club; I mean the JL who's 16 years old..."]

The Hateful (sic)
However, while members of the Genocide Awareness Project cloaked themselves in their right of exercising free speech, their display was an act of hate crime — a hate crime against the families and friends of victims of the Holocaust, slavery, refugees from the genocides in Cambodia, Darfur and Rwanda. [And against the 50 million victims of abortion?]
[Hat tip: CL (to clarify, not the SFL member whose name is the first syllable of the underlined word)]

The Famous

[Hat tips: CA and AP]

The Close-minded 
I am appalled that the University, one of the most open-minded places I could ever imagine, allowed the act of hate crimes to appear on campus for not just one, but two days...No one, pro-life or pro-choice, should ever condone this "project." Ever. Especially one of the most diverse universities in the world. [diverse, adj--"Showing a great deal of variety"]
 [Hat tip: Out of charity for this "repeat offender" we shall avoid tipping our hat to him/her again.]

The Goal 
I walked back to my spot and after a few minutes, the car with the two women is leaving the PP parking lot and as they are driving by, the young woman driving shouts out of her window, "I decided not to do it!"  I asked "do what, have the abortion?"  And she says "yes!!"  I could only say happily, That is great news!!" 
 [Hat tip: IS and SV]

Fellow SFLers: Who's willing to help perform some blog CPR? Who's interested in learning?

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